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The Gray Wolf has to be reintroduced to the Rocky Mountain Wilds


The Gray Wolf used to roam the Rocky Mountains, its natural habitat.  Sadly pressures exerted by human activities saw their number dwindle to dangerous levels, prompting the government to declare it an endangered species and to put it under the protection of the United States   Fish and  Wildlife Service.


The efforts of the agency to from becoming extent bore fruit.  The number of gray wolves in the Rocky Mountains side of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana have enough which prompted the agency to remove it from the endangered species.  The situation though is not the same in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. In fact, there are no wild wolves in Colorado at all. The Gray Wolves that can be found in the state live in wild parks and zoos under the care of humans which is sad because they need to be in their natural habitat, roaming freely as they used to do before conflicts with humans led to their extirpation. 


There are many organizations working very hard to make the reintroduction of wolves in Colorado wilds.


The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project at rockymountainwolfproject.org is actually a project where different sectors from organizations and private citizens are working together to make it possible. With their scary reputation, people have a natural aversion to wolves.  The project has a lot to do make people overcome their dislike of wolves.


Reintroducing mountain wolves to the wild or the Rocky Mountains is a daunting task. It involves discussions between the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project advocates, ranchers, hunters, and individuals. The idea that it is possible for people and wolf can co-exist must be considered by all concerned.


It is sad that wolves are living in captivity instead of in the Rocky Mountains where they belong.  They play an important role to play in maintaining the ecological balance of the Rockies. Prolonging their stay in captivity can only lead to the day when they will lose all characteristics that define them as wolves.  They need to be returned to their natural habitat. This is not an easy task but not impossible as long as people give their time and work together.  Make sure to check out this website at https://www.encyclopedia.com/history/united-states-and-canada/us-history/wolves and learn more about wolves.


Interested in Colorado wolves?  Want to do your bit to see them returned to the Rocky Mountains wilds where they belong?  Find out more about them and what you can do to help by visiting The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project website.